About: Jamaica Used Car Dealers Association

The Jamaica Used Car Dealers Association was established in June 1995 and is the recognized voice of the used car dealers who are members of the association. It exist to protect the business interest of its members by taking steps to discourage or prevent government policies, procedures and laws that are potentially deleterious to the used car industry.

It aims through the corporation of its members and by other means to protect consumers (its members’ most valuable asset) from unlawful practices within the industry. It handles consumer complaints and often acts as mediator between consumers and used car dealers for the purpose of amicable resolution to problems. 

It seeks to forge the best of relationships with financial institutions and other stakeholders that engenders the best of benefits for its members and consumers.

It exists to keep its members and the public informed of the most relevant occurrences and developments related to the used motor vehicle industry.

The association through the corporation of its members exists to facilitate nation building by influencing its members to adopt and maintain honorable engagement in paying of taxes for economic growth of the country.

And, equally important, if not the most, it exists to encourage its members to establish and maintain a level of operational order, professionalism, fairness and integrity in their business practices that, is more likely to engender the best of perceptions of the association’s members in the eyes of the public.